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I am a qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor and have worked in the Fitness Industry for 7+ years

Just like you, I struggled with my weight and body image. I believed that society had an expectation of how I should look as a fitness professional. I have tried multiple fad diets and found myself going round in circles many times. This led to me feel lost and confused about how to stay healthy and fit without harming my body.

I decided to take it upon myself to change my own relationship with fitness and food whilst helping those around me. As a health and fitness professional, I have studied nutrition and have learned through my experiences, what works and what doesn’t. It is through these experiences, that I want to share my knowledge with you and help you reach your goals.

Most goals are over complicated and are as far from your normal lifestyle, making them unachievable and unmanageable over time. BUT… it doesn’t need to be this way, exercise can be fun and enjoyable. You don’t need to start another new “diet”, simple changes to your lifestyle can make a huge difference and I am here to teach you how.

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My Career

2020 - Present

Started RDF - RDF started by accident but it was the best accident EVER. RDF started as a Facebook group at the start of the pandemic called "Lockdown Legends" - this was to help those who used to attend my fitness classes to stay active and busy during a very uncertain time. Our group ended up reaching so many woman so quickly which made me realise how much I could help others. So we created a website membership and continously aim to make this better and better to help you achieve your goals.


MSc Physiotherapy Degree & began my ONLINE adventure and launched RDF!!


Physiotherapy Assistant NHS & Self Employed Fitness Instructor


Self Employed Class Fitness Instructor @ Fife Sports & Leisure Trust


Carnegie Leisure Centre – Health & Fitness Instructor @ Fife Sports & Leisure Trust


Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre – Health & Fitness Instructor @ Fife Sports & Leisure Trust


Self Employed Gym Instructor @ Kelty Community Centre & Fife Sports & Leisure Trust


Carnegie Leisure Centre Gym Instructor @ Fife Sports & Leisure Trust

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Feedback from our members

"Nearly 2 weeks on this plan, the content & appearance of the website and social media pages is fantastic, I have learnt so much already. There are so many workouts to choose from and Robyn is really supportive. The best thing is it is really flexible and definitely not restrictive. I really recommended this plan and it’s extremely good value for money. Thank you Robyn"
Lisa, L
"Being part of RDF is amazing! Robyn is very approachable and happy to help with anything. The classes are fantastic and you can do a class at a time that suits you. Never did I think I would be doing a weights class but Robyn gives you the confidence to achieve your goals!"
Kimberley, G
"I never would have imagined 2 years ago I would still be a part of this amazing community! Robyn is so much more than a PT... She is there daily if you need her, she is honest in everything she does and she has helped me become a more positive, stronger and happier version of myself - all while enjoying the food that I am eating and the exercise I am doing! I still have a long way to go but I am fully enjoying the ride!"
Amber, S
"Best decision I’ve ever made!! Amazing workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own home if your a bit like me and the gym seems scary Robyn’s workouts are for you!! Loads of selection❤️"

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