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Make fat loss easier

Make fat loss easier

Fat loss is hard.

There isn’t an overnight fix.

In theory, fat loss can be boring …but that’s why I need you to find something you like.

By finding things you like, you’ll start to enjoy the process. By enjoying the process you’ll be able to stick with it for long enough to get into a healthy BMI and achieve your fat loss goals.

Find 3 healthy breakfasts you love, find 3 healthy lunches you actually want to eat, find a week’s worth of dinners that satiate you enough to stop you ordering pizza!

The basics are as boring or as FUN as you make them.

Enjoy testing out new recipes

Enjoy eating the rainbow… that’s damn delicious: 🍓🥕🍌🥝🫐🍇🍆

Enjoy finding new walking routes

Enjoy getting pumped up in the gym💪🏼, or going to CrossFit🏋🏻‍♀️, or dancing at Zumba💃🏻

Enjoy making your health and fitness a priority

Enjoy the ultimate self-care practices

There’s just two questions you need to think about.

Firsty, what do you LIKE doing?? 

Secondly, what can you do consistently for a WHOLE YEAR? 

Ultimately this is your life, you can create your own healthy habits, with the things that you WANT TO DO.

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