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The curse of Christmas background

The curse of Christmas

The curse of Christmas

You’re already thinking about it, aren’t you?

Forgetting all the healthy habits…

Diving head first into a tin of quality street until 1st January…

Coming up for air just in time to hop on the latest fad diet trend?

Successful dieting requires patience. This sh*t takes time.

This actually isn’t really about dieting, it’s about getting into a healthy BMI range and staying there …whilst living your life.

Being the healthiest you can be and making that feel quite normal …NOT, I repeat NOT… losing 7lb of water weight, that’s very unimpressive. Dieting isn’t about fad diet drinks, pills, meal replacement bars, whatever nonsense you’re being sold. This on-off-dieting approach, it isn’t working.

❌ Quit the magic pills

❌ Quit the grim diet shakes

❌ Quit the chalky meal replacement bars

✅ Increase protein and veg

✅ Decrease the junk food

✅ Get moving, start exercising, get outside

✅ Get consistent

Successful, maintainable dieting is about implementing health habits, cooking meals you enjoy, creating a more active daily lifestyle so that once you are at the weight you want to be and happy in your healthiest body you can easily maintain it, you embody the habits you created, that’s just how you live now; as the healthiest happiest version of you.

These habits don’t disappear at Christmas, don’t treat the end of the year like a seasonal ski-slope into ALL the Christmas treats, remember your healthy habits, choose your indulgences and start the new year feeling fabulous.

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